Traditional Chinese Kanji Calligraphy Letter Paper


An Unsized (Unprocessed) Single Shuen Paper to write letters in Shodo or Chinese Calligraphy or just to practice. Semi-visible column pattern allowing for perfect character positioning.
A study in subtle elegance, this off-white paper has subtle blue column lines printed on its surface. This graceful paper will serve as a great background for any letter.
The paper itself is an unprocessed single-ply Xuan Paper perfect for the calligraphy writing your letters require. It is simple and functional, yet always eye-catching, as well.


Chinese / Japanese Kanji Calligraphy Letter Shuen Paper Writing Pad

Count of Sheets: 50
Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Dimensions: 11.6 in × 7.8 in / 29 cm × 19.5 cm
Decorative elements: Blue Colum Pattern (Semi-Visible)
Packaging: Single Paper


Our thoughts are that just because you need a simple paper to write letters does not meant that paper has to be boring. The Letter Paper is a traditional paper used to write letters. As such, it comes with a column pattern that guides you as you work from the top right to the bottom left.