CAI LUN - Rosewood Chinese Paper Cutting Knive

A traditional Chinese artist would never cut the sheets of his preferred painting paper with a metal knife or scissors. The traditional way is to cut the paper with a special wooden knife specially crafted for this purpose. The “Cai Lun” knife is one of the two knives we carry for this specific purpose. It is made of the finest Rosewood.


Traditional Oriental Paper Cutting Knife made of Rosewood

Usage: To cut rolls, sheets and batches of paper into smaller sizes
Dimensions: 11.8 in x 0.8 in / 30 cm x 2.0 cm
More information: made of premium Rosewood


Because of its ergonomic and hand-flattering shape, the "Cai Lun"  knife is the premium version of our two paper cutting knives. We named it after "Cai Lun"  the person who first invented the process of making paper in China in about 105. It is applied by folding the paper and then cutting it in one doughty stroke with the knife. The Rosewood tree wood is a dark patterned wood that reminds a bit of Mahogany but is slightly lighter in weight.