RICE AND GRAIN - Oriental Fineline Calligraphy, Sumi Detail Brush


An excellent brush made of Weasel Hair with a Small Tip for Small Script Calligraphy Writing and Fine Line Drawing in Sumi-e. This brush is long and sharp with a lot of strength to it.

Buying a set (one item per each size) of this Brush will save you $1.98

Tip Hair Material: Weasel Hair
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair
Tip Resilience: Hard
Tip Dimensions:
L: 0.9 in x 0.1 in / 2.4 cm x 0.3 cm
M: 0.8 in x 0.1 in / 2.0 cm x 0.3 cm
S: 0.6 in x 0.1 in / 1.5 cm x 0.3 cm
Total Length:
L: 8.1 in / 20.5 cm
M: 7.9 in / 20.0 cm
S: 7.9 in / 20.0 cm
Material Handle: Bamboo
Usage: Fine Line Drawing in Painting and Small Script Calligraphy Writing

Part of the hard hair brush family, weasel hair has long been known as one of the best brushes to produce fine lines. Therefore, with its small tip made of 100% weasel hair, the Rice & Grain Fineline Brush is specially made to produce the perfect fine lines, just like its name would imply.

Weasel hair is stiff and resilient, so any line can be drawn quickly while still producing pinpoint accuracy. In fact, the tip is so small, that it works far better at sharp lines than other, more versatile brushes, even better than many other brushes made of weasel hair. The brush culminates in a sharp tip, and the sturdy hair ensures that this tip will remain sharp throughout the lifetime of the brush. Even after many uses, the brush will continue to produce striking and dynamic lines for any artistic need.

Used primarily for fineline drawing and painting (gongbi), the brush is also more versatile than it may seem at first. Though not fit for all sumi-e painting, it can be used to produce the exact lines required in some of these works. Additionally, many artists prefer this brush when they are producing small script calligraphy.

To complement its great functionality, the brush is also beautiful, made with a bamboo handle that allows its natural markings to show through. Additionally, the name of the brush is carved into the handle to give it that extra flair.

But the brush is not designed this way purely to be an eye-catching artistic tool. It's long and slim handle is functional, as well. When producing fine lines and small calligraphy scripts, accuracy to detail is of utmost importance. The slender handle allows the artist to carefully control the brush to produce perfect lines, even when working very quickly.