ARCHING DRAGON - Hand Carved Calligraphy and Sumi Brush Rest

Small Wooden Chinese Brush Rest allowing to place a maximum of three brushes at the same time. This simple but useful item does not only come handy when you are working with several brushes at the same time and want to protect your desk from the remaining ink on the tip but it also looks nice as a merely decorative item.


Chinese Brush Rest / Stand - "Arching Dragon" to rest up to 3 brushes

Dimension: W 5 in x H 2 in x D 1 in / W 13 cm x H 5 cm x D 3 cm
Usage: to rest thin brushes used for the same painting / writing 
Decorative Elements: entirely shaped as an arching dragon
More Info: Made of Wood


When we were looking for new products to add to our shop we could not resist when we saw the "Arching Dragon" on the desk in our manufactory. Even though this hand carved brush rest symbolizes the mighty dragon “ the most powerful and fear-inducing of all Chinese mythological figures we could not help but find this specimen somehow cute.

Maybe that makes him the perfect brush stand for smaller or thinner brushes which can be gently placed between the humps on his back in between strokes. The dragon stands on a broader board-like supporting structure which gives it stability even for longer brushes.