ANCIENT TIMES | Dark Red Chinese Seal Paste-Refill

While red has been the traditional color for seal paste since ancient times, there are many different hues of red to choose from. Ancient Times Seal Paste is a unique red that is very deep and rich, and will look great on many different kinds of artwork.

Red has become the traditional color because of its importance in Chinese culture because it symbolizes good fortune and joy. It is no wonder that Chinese artists have long chosen the color for their signatures.

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Chinese signature Seal Paste "Archaic Red" to chop oriental artworks

Color: Red
Usage: for signing artworks with signature seal
More Info: Weight: 30 g


The "Ancient Times" Chinese seal paste comes in a dark shade of red which makes chops made with this ink look old lending the artwork an ancient feel.

Seal paste is applied to a finished artwork via a seal stone that has been engraved with a distinct design that identifies the artist. Artists take great pride in designing and carving these stones that will forever identify their work in the same way that their signature would. We have many different seal stones to choose from here at Asian Brushpainter, as well as carving knives that will allow you to create your own unique seal stone. The Ancient Seal Paste is a suitable way to put those stones to use.