THE PURIST - Chinese Brush Painting Water Dropper

Simple and practical Chinese Ceramic water dropper to carefully adjust the required amount of water needed to prepare your ink when writing Japanese or Chinese calligraphy or for Ink and Wash painting. By opening or closing the upper hole you can easily control the amount of water you are adding to your ink slab. The color looks white but actually it has a slight shade of traditional Chinese ceramic green.


Chinese Water Dropper for Brush Painting & Calligraphy-Made of Ceramic

Decorative elements: teapot shaped
Dimension: Dia. 3 in / H 2.4 in / Dia. 7 cm / H 6 cm
Usage: to add water to your ink drop by drop
More Info: made of ceramic

No-frills utensil to prepare your ink in the ink slab. We try to always find a good combination of simple and easy to use brush painting supplies and those which also have a decorative or artistic value themselves. This one is very purist and simple but serves its purpose well - ensuring that your ink has the right consistency - the way you need it for your artwork. The shape which vaguely reminds of a traditional Chinese tea pot is a traditional Chinese shape often used for water droppers, it is made of white Ceramic and easy to use.