China in the Year of the Snake

Snake Chinese year collector´s stamp
So what is it all about the Year of the Snake according to the Lunar Calendar?
In Chinese mythology the early creators of mankind – often referred to as Fu Xi (伏羲) and Nv Wa (女娲) where divine creators and looked like a hybrid of human and snake – the head being human, the body the one of a snake. For this reason, the ancient Chinese worshiped the snake totem.
In Chinese culture, the snake is also often known as the “little dragon” – the Chinese zodiac sign being associated with attributes such as intuition, introspection and refinement. “Snake people” are often considered charming and graceful who can keep a cool in situations of crisis.
Outwardly not seeming emotional their negative attributes are being considered cunning, plotting and scheming to reach their ambitions goals. Known as secretive they do not easily share their inner thoughts with others and often tend to be possessive in partnerships. Being exciting and having a dark attraction is a plus for the latter.
What are great professions in Chinese culture in which Snake Zodiacs excel?
Scientits, Potters, Analysts, Jewelers, Spiritual Leaders, Sociologists, Astrologers, Magicians, Investigators and – no surprise – Painters. All professions which require a deep sense of beauty combined with enigmatic and strong will power. We wonder how many of our painting friends are born in the year of the snake?
Other Chinese zodiacs that are a good /bad match for Snakes?
Snakes get along very well with their “big brothers” the dragons, oxen and roosters.
Their biggest adversaries are tigers, monkeys and pigs.
China Post’s official Zodiac Stamps
As in every year also in this year of the snake, the China Post is publishing a Chinese zodiac collectors stamp which has already been sold out with people cuing for hours to purchase one of the 100.000 limited editions. Retailing at RMB 24 the black market price currently is already around RMB 380. With their 2013 edition, the artist who designed the collectors stamp tried to break the tradition according to which snakes are fearful animals and created an artwork of a flowery serpent with a peony-adorned body balancing a golden pearl between her slit tongue.
Which are Snake Years?
For this century the snake years are 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977 and 2001
Lulu Wang