How Uncle Liu carves your Chinese name – Larry Butler becomes Bei Liurong (贝琉容)

Larry Butler would like to have his own signature chop but with a Chinese name in Kai Shu script style.
First we suggested several names to him that make sense from a semantic point of view while we were trying to also stay phonetically close to Larrys English name.
In an earlier blog entry you can read more about what we do when choosing a well-sounding Chinese name for you.
Option 1: 白理锐
Option 2: 贝琉容
Option 3: 班乐锐
So what does this mean? And how are these names pronounced?
For Option 1: Last Name: 白 (Bai) – white  / First Name: 理锐(Li Rui): 理 (Li) – reason, logic; manage; 锐 (Rui) – sharp
For Option 2: Last Name贝 (Bei) –  shellfish; treasure  / First Name: 琉容(Liu Rong): 琉 (Liu) – sparkling stone; glazed; 容 (Rong) – appearance, tolerant
For Option 3: Last Name班 (Ban) – class, team / First Name: 乐锐(Le Rui): 乐 (Le) – happy, glad; 锐 (Rui) – sharp
This is the beautiful result which Larry can now use to adorn and sign his artworks with.

Larry Butler becomes Bei Liurong custom carved sealstone

Option 1 best – Bai Li Rui – which Uncle Liu carved in Kai Shu Calligraphy Style. The round outline was carved in an uneven line with some spaces in between to free the characters so that they can “breathe”.
For a very representative chops, for instance an art association, the lines are often even and carefully measured to give it a more official and authoritarian character.
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