Christine Leisi: a true artist of Sumi-e and a long term friend of Lulu


If it was not the video below sent to me by my sweet friend Christine Leisi, I almost forget how winter is like ;-P Hongkong is a great city with friendly people and a lot of delicious food and Dim Sums, but living here you can barely know the fun of the winter when the pure white snow covers the earth making it so peaceful and beautiful.

The scenes Christine filmed are amazing. It is so pure that I can somehow “smell” the snow. And the music, especially the one starts at around 2 minute, oh I just love it! It is a definitely feast for the mind after a full day’s intense work.
Christine is a Sumi-e enthusiast from Switzerland. We became friends a long time ago when she ordered a lot of brush painting tools from me. We write emails every now and then, talking about sumi-e, calligraphy, seal carving – all things related to brush painting – and also things that happened in our lives. If I remember correctly, we have known each other for almost two years – how time flies!
Christine paints wonderful sumi-e artworks. You can find some of her works here in Asian Brushpainter:
She also filmed some of her works into a video with fantastic music – you are so recommended to check it out