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When you buy one of our seals stones  we offer you the option to have our carving master uncle Liu custom carve the seal stone for you as per your requirements and we can also translate your English name into a Chinese name.

In a Chinese or Japanese brush-painting or calligraphy artwork, the seal stone imprint of the creator of the artwork has two functions. For one it has the purpose to authenticate the painting and make clear who created it – but there is more to it. In traditional Chinese painting the positioning of the seal stone on the artwork is used as a key artistic element to balance and enrich the composition of the artwork. The positioning should be in harmony with the lines of the calligraphy or painting.

A traditional seal mostly uses the name of the artist carved in Chines characters in the traditional seal-script – also referred but our carving-master can also carve simple images, latin names or combinations of them or even your Western or Chinese zodiac character.

When you found a seal stone you like you select the “Add Seal-Carving” option under the product options dropdown menu.
Then you just send us a message via our contact form or email (a) and let us know what type of carving you would like to have.
Please note that there are limitations based on the surface area of the bottom of the seal stone and the hardness of the stone.
You can also see a short video showing Uncle Liu in the process of carving a seal stone for one of our customers: