MUSES CREATION - Caohua Stone for Chinese Signature Chop Carving

Chinese Chop Caohua Stone for Seal Stamp Carving

Cao Hua (草花) Stone, it means "Grass & Flower". It was also called as Guo Hua (国画) Stone, "National Brush Painting". 
It was formed about 4.7 hundred million years ago. First discovery was in Guizhou, Canton, in 1996. People were amazed by the natural patterns & the colors combination of the stone. It looks just like a masterpiece that created by the great creater.

Please Note:
Every piece of Cao Hua stone is very unique in patterns & colors. Some of them formed like a natural landscape paintings, many of them formed just like a piece of a master painted brush paining!

Base / Carving Area:1.06 in X 1.06 in / 2.7 cm X 2.7 cm
Stone Material / Type: Other Types
Stone Body Shape: Cuboid
Appliable Carving Shape: Natural
Main Stone Color: Natural
Dimensions: 1.06 in X 1.06 in X 3.85 in / 3.0 cm X 3.0 cm X 9.8 cm 
Usage: For Seal Carving, Chopping Artworks, and Decorative Purposes