DRAGON AND PHOENIX - Chinese Signature Couple Seal Stone - Dark Beige

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Our special offer for lovers “ the Couple Stone Set! Each set of these Couple Stones are from the same rough stone when it was just discovered from the earth and then carefully polished and made into a couple stone set. The stone set is beautifully patterned. It can be used for couples and for an artist with his/her name and art name on each one of stones.

Naturally colored Shoushan seal stone set with a carved body

Stone type: Shoushan Stone
Carved Body
Carving Shape: Square
Dimension: 0.8 in x 0.8 in x 2.8 in / 2.0 cm x 2.0 cm x 7.0 cm
Usage: For Seal Carving, Chopping Artworks, Collection and Decoration

Dragon and Phoenix Shoushan Couple Stones