CONFUCIUS PILLAR - Seal Stone to Carve Chinese Signature Seal Chop

Part of the big Qingtian seal stone family this speciman come is a color which can be described as ash-grey with hues of green depending on how the stone is exposed to light. Its body is cylinder-shaped with a round base - making it a good stone for zodiac carving or for round objects or names within a circle. Due to the Qingtian stone being not overly hard Qingtian stones are considered good stones for beginners in Chinese seal carving. But of course we are happy to custom-carve it for you - just press the carvcing button.


Cylinder-shaped, ash grey-green Qingtian seal stone with round base

Stone Material / Type: Qingtian Stone
Stone Body Shape: Cylinder
Appliable Carving Shape: Round
Main Stone Color: Green
Dimensions: Diameter: 1.0 in x 2.0 in / 2.5 cm x 5.0 cm
Usage: For Seal Carving, Chopping Artworks, and Decorative Purposes
Packaging: Comes with a Chinese Seal Gift Bag