SNOWFLAKE - Lardite Seal Stone for Oriental Seal Chop Carving

"Snowflake" - Qintian Lardite Stone Cuboid Square Base

Carving Area / Base: 2 CM X 2 CM / 0.8 IN X 0.8 IN


Snowflake - Natural Qintian Stone For Seal Carving & Asian Artwork Chopping

Stone Material / Type: Qingtian Stone
Stone Body Shape: Cuboid
Appliable Carving Shape: Square
Main Stone Color: White
Dimensions: 2.0 CM X 2.0 CM X 5.0 / 0.8 IN X 0.8 IN X 2.1 IN
Usage: Seal Carving, Chopping and Decorative Purposes
Packaging: Comes with a Chinese Seal Gift Bag


The Qingtian stone family is one of the big Chinese seal stone families such as the Shoushan family. Qingtina stones are know for being easy to be carve which makes them very good seal stones for people beginning to carve seals. This specific stones is cuboid shaped, with a rectangular angle which can fit 4-5 Chinese characters or two lines of shorter English words such as a name. Its color varies between shades of ligh and dark grey with hues of green and a slightly marbles surface with some caramel colored streaks. Its shape and characteristics make it a good signature chop once carved.