SAPPHIRE BLUE | Chinese Seal Paste-Refill Pack

While seal paste is traditionally thought of as red, that does not mean red is the only paste available, or the only paste you should use! The Sapphire Blue Seal Paste, just like its name implies, is a wonderful, rich blue color that will look great on many different types and styles of artwork.

Blue holds a special place in Chinese culture, and is often used to represent immortality. Using the color as your seal paste can bring a traditional element of Chinese culture to your artwork, and look great in the process.

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Oriental Seal Paste - Sapphire Blue - to chop & sign artworks

Color: Blue 
Usage: For signing artworks
More Info: Weight: 30 g


Beautiful "Sapphire Blue" Chinese seal paste for adorning and signing sumi-e and calligraphy artworks.

Seal paste is transferred to an artwork via a seal stone, which has an artist’s unique identifying design carved into the bottom. The seal paste then copies that signature onto the artwork, acting as a signature for the artist. This has been done since ancient times, and was originally used by royalty to sign documents before the practice caught on with artists, as well.