GOLDEN LOTUS | Chinese Seal Paste-Refill Pack

Seal stones are engraved with an artist’s unique design that serves as a signature when it is used to apply seal paste to the artist’s artwork. This is a traditional method used by Chinese artists since ancient times, and can serve to lend a very distinctive element to your artwork.

One way to distinguish your work even more is to eschew the traditional red seal paste that is normally used. The Golden Seal Paste is a great alternative if you want a color other than red. While it will look great on many different types of artwork, it still will carry a high level of traditional Chinese significance.

Yellow has been a very important color in Chinese culture for centuries, and is often seen as the center of everything. It also symbolizes good luck. Additionally, it was the color of Imperial China is often used to decorate palaces.

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Gold / Yellow Colored Oriental Signature Seal Paste - Refill Pack

Color: Yellow
Usage: For signing artworks
More Info: Weight: 30 g


Unusual gold-colored Chinese seal paste to decorate or sign sumi-e Kanji or Calligraphy artworks