Bright Chinese Seal Paste with Gift Box and Container

The Seals have long been used as a “signature” in calligraphy and sumi-e painting artworks to tell the author’s name and/or his love in art and nature, ambition, or his belief in Buddism. Light Seal Paste with Gift Box is a red seal paste, the traditional color paste seals are dipped in before being transferred to the artwork by a seal stone.

Making this seal paste extra special is the fact that it comes in a porcelain seal paste container adorned with two blue dragons chasing each other. Since in ancient times it was said the dragon was one of the most powerful living creatures, and blue has been a traditional sign of immortality in China, this container will add an element of tradition to your art studio. Furthermore, a beautifully designed green and brown gift box also is included for an added touch of elegance.

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Red Chinese Seal Paste & Ceramic Paste Container with Blue Dragons

Color: Red
Usage: to sign artworks with signature or decorative seal
Packaging: Comes with a gift box
More Info: Weight of the Paste: 30 g


Chinese artists have long taken pride in developing a unique and identifying design on their seal stone that will be used to label each artwork they create as their own. This seal paste can be used with your own seal stone to add your own distinctive signature to each piece of art you make, as well.

Set of Bright colored Chinese Seal Paste with Gift Box and Porcelain Seal Paste Container with blue dragon ornament. Comes with spatula to stir seal paste before usage.