MAGIC PAPER - Calligraphy Water Practice Paper Scroll

A scroll with a special type of blank fannel allowing you endless practice of your calligraphy strokes. Our Magic Calligraphy Water Paper is made of a special material which absorbs the water which you dip your brush in for practice in a way that the strokes show very dark and visibly on surface of the flannel. At the same time, the water evaporates from this special material very quickly so you can repeat your strokes. This is an economical and environmental way of improving your calligraphy writing without having to waste a lot of paper and ink. Furthermore, the Magic Calligraphy paper is very easy and smooth to write on.

Note: this product should never be used with real ink but only with water!


Chinese Calligraphy Practice Magic Water Paper Scroll

Paper material: Other Paper
Usage: Calligraphy
Dimension: 55.1 in x 18.1 in / 140.0 cm x 46.0 cm
Decorative elements: Red Scroll Handles
More information: This paper is made for endless practicing
Packaging: Rolled


While it may not have any actual magical properties, the Calligraphy Practice Magic Paper Scroll sure seems to have that extra something special. For starters, you paint with water instead of ink, though the art shows up as if you were in fact using ink. Then, after about two minutes, what you have been working on disappears, and you can start over again.

You never have to throw anything away and you never have to worry about making mistakes you cannot correct this is the perfect practicing paper for you and the environment.

This Magic Paper is not actually paper at all, but is instead a piece of flannel. It has almost the same characteristics and feel of Xuan Paper, so you can practice your art like you normally would on real paper.

The magic paper was invented just a few years ago, and has since become very popular because it makes such a great practice tool for both beginners and advanced artists alike.