CICADA WINGS - Single Sized Fineline Gongbi Shuen Paper

The Cicada Wings is a classic Processed Single Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper) which we added to our classical artwork paper category due to its perfect fit for Fineline Gongbi Painting, and small scripts in Chinese and Japanese Shodo Calligraphy.


Processed (Sized) Single Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper) Calligraphy Writing

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Fineline
Processing state: Processed / Sized
Dimension: 55.2 in x 28.0 in / 138.0 cm x 70.0 cm
Packaging: Folded


Thin and transparent, the Cicada Wings is a processed Xuan Paper particularly suited for Fineline (Gongbi) Painting.

Since it is processed, the paper underwent an additional step after the normal manufacturing process of Xuan Paper in which a chemical substance called alum was added. Alum decreases the absorbency of the paper, and the amount of absorbency is determined by how much alum is applied. Since this paper is processed (as opposed to being unprocessed), it received a large amount of alum and is therefore not very absorbent.

This trait makes the Cicada Wings the perfect paper for drawing and painting fine lines. In addition to Gongbi Fineline Painting, the paper also can be used for calligraphy, particularly if you are producing small  Kai Shu, Li Shu and Zhuan Shu scripts.

Additionally, because it is single-ply and therefore very thin, this paper will work well with Encaustics.