Chinese Kanji Calligraphy Sumi-e Hanging Scroll

Tang Wu Living Room Hanging Scroll for vertically aligned paintings and Oriental Calligraphy Writing. Made of Unsized (Unprocessed) Single Shuen Paper, decorated with brocade-pattern outer frame.
This Hanging Scroll has a beautiful green and white decorative border that will serve to highlight the art created on the paper that will personalize the scroll. Additionally, the dark wood piece provides a gorgeous accent piece for the scroll.
Please note that the flower pattern surrounding the Shuen Paper varies from time to time and all of them are beautiful patterns.


Japanese/Chinese Kanji Calligraphy Hanging Scroll made of Shuen Paper

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Total: 59.1 in x 15.0 in / 150.0 cm x 38.0 cm
Inner Layer: 35.4 in x 11.0 in / 90.0 cm x 28.0 cm
Packaging: Rolled


In Chinese, the name for a living room is (Tang Wu), so it makes sense that a Hanging Scroll, a common living room decoration, is called Zhong Tang, which literally means "in the middle of the Tang Wu."

On the paper itself, it is traditional practice to place calligraphy writings of a poem or other short phrase or phrases that express the philosophy of the owners of the house. Sometimes Sumi-e paintings are created, as well.

The inside layer of paper is an unprocessed Xuan paper that is very absorbent. Since no chemicals have been added to decrease the absorbency of the paper, it is the perfect platform for both calligraphy and Sumi-e painting.