Wooden Hand-Made Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper) Cutting Knive

Hand-Carved Paper Cutting Knife made of the best Guan Yin Bamboo. A beautiful and practical tool to prepare high quality Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper) for your Artwork.


High Quality bamboo knife for cutting Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper)

Dimensions: 6.8 in x 0.6 in / 17.0 cm x 1.5 cm
Usage: To cut paper into smaller sizes
More Info: It is made of the wood of the finest Qing Tan Tree whose bark is one of the most essential component in making a high quality Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper)


Though it might not be one of the aspects you always particularly focus on, cutting paper can be a very important facet in the process of making your art. At the same time, for Chinese brush painting masters, the process of creating and outstanding artwork already starts when they are diligently preparing the exquisite material they are working with.

Therefore, you obviously will want a dependable and effective knife. The Paper Cutting Knife we offer here at The Chinese Calligraphist is both of these things and more.

The knife is made from wood from the Guan Yin Bamboo, which is the main material used to make most of the best Xuan paper. The tree has long been popular for use in both knives and paper because of its solid quality and dense composition. These factors make the knife extremely durable. Additionally, the Guan Yin Bamboo does not allow water to penetrate it, which prevents corrosion and warping.

Finally, the wood also makes the knife beautiful. Stained dark, the finished surface is striking while still allowing the natural wood grain to show through. Since the relatively long handle is carved into a curved shape, the knife is perfect for cutting paper, and makes a useful and beautiful accessory for your writing or painting studio.