May's Water Paper Calligraphy Book - Li Shu, Anonymous A

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A Chinese Calligraphy Book for Li Shu Style. It is made of Water Paper for Endless Practice


Li Shu Style water paper practice book for Chinese calligraphy

Calligraphist: Anonymous
Style: Li Shu
Edition Information: Chinese, 33 pages, 10.4 in x 7.6 in / 26.0 cm x 19.0 cm, softcover


May’s Water Paper Book is a series of books that provide one of the best and most convenient ways to practice calligraphy. Each book in the series features a famous writing or poem from Chinese history, and allows you to copy the note exactly as it should be written.

And one of the most intriguing parts of these books is that they allow you to practice on Magic Water Paper, which is actually made of a flannel material instead of paper. Using water instead of ink, when you write on the material, your marking disappears about two minutes after you make it. Not only does this save paper, making the books environmentally friendly, it provide endless practice for you! The books are great both for beginners learning calligraphy as well as more advanced artists who want to learn different scripts or refine their current skills.

Cao Quan Bei is an important inscription in East Han Dynasty, and is written in the Clerical Script (Li Shu). It was discovered in Shanxi Province in northern China and the Ming Dynasty rubbing of the inscription is now kept in the National Museum.

Because of the way each stroke shows clearly on the Magic Water Paper, this book is one of the best ways to learn and continue to practice Li Shu calligraphy.