May's Painting Cards - Cherry Blossom, Crabapple, Orchid 2/12

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This deck of instructional cards is all about painting three of the most beautiful flowers - the Orchid, Flowering Crabapple and the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Each card illustrates in details how you can improve your Chinese / Japanese brush painting skills to achieve stunning results.


Learn how to paint Cherry blossom, Crabapple & Orchid in Sumi-e style

Style: Sumi-e
Main Content: Japanese Cherry Blossom (Sakura), Crabapple Flower, Orchid
Edition Information: Chinese, 24 individual pages, 11.4 in x 11.4 in / 28.5 cm x 28.5 cm, softcover


We introduced this series of Chinese brush painting instructional cards to our section of learning material and Chinese painting books since we like its ease of use. When painting - placing a thick book easily in sight to imitate the strokes displayed on a page can be quite difficult at times when the book is thick and pages need to be bent resulting in dog-eared pages of a wonderful book.

May’s Painting Cards is a great solution to this predicament - you can easily position one or more cards of each deck or cards of several different decks in front of you, shift them, change the sequence and concentrate on your artwork without having to worry of books toppling over.

Each card is printed in vivid and realistic colors and each deck contains both - instructional illustrations and different versions of final blossoms to draw artistic inspiration from.