Inference Painting - Orchid l Chinese Painting Book

The Four Gentlemen represent four plants that are very revered in brush painting, as well as Chinese culture in general - plum blossom, bamboo, chrysanthemum and orchid. Each of these symbolizes traits that the artist seeks for him or herself. Representing Spring, the orchid is only found in remote and secluded valleys, and is revered for its simple elegance.

It stands to reason, then, that the orchid would be one of the most widely used images in Chinese art. Inference Painting - Orchid will give you the skills to create this gorgeous and unique flower by teaching you the specific techniques to create every part of the flower. After that, the book contains a plethora of master artwork of orchids to provide inspiration for your own work.


Chinese Brush Painting Book - Orchid for Sumi & Fineline Painting

Style: Sumi-e
Content: Orchid
Edition Information: Chinese, 28 pages, 10.4 in x 14.8 in / 26.0 cm x 37.0 cm, softcover


Each of the other plants in of the Four Gentlemen also represents one of the seasons. They each have a dedicated book in the large Inference Painting series, as do other popular subjects. These instruction books are perfect tools for both Sumi-e and fineline (Gong Bi) painting.