HOWLING DRAGON - Hand Carved Handle Goat Hair Brush

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An excellent brush made of Goat Hair with a Long Tip for Calligraphy Writing, especially for Cao Shu script, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting.

The Handle of this brush is hand carved, a beautiful gold colored dragon flying & howling! Hard wooden handle in black color with the gold dragon on it, it's the brush of power!

"Howling Dragon" Goat Hair Brush With A Hand Carved Dragon On The Handle

Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair
Tip Dimensions: 0.4 in X 2.0 in / 1.5 cm X 6.7 cm
Total Length: 10.1 in X 33.7 cm
Material Handle: Wood
Usage: For Kanji Calligraphy, Sumi-e Painting
Decorative Elements: Hand Carved Gold Colored Dragon Handle


Dragon features peculiar to cultural China. According to Chinese legend, both Chinese primogenitors, the earliest Emperors, Yandi and Huangdi, were closely related to 'Long' (Chinese Dragon). At the end of his reign, the first legendary Emperor, Huangdi, was said to have been immortalized into a dragon that resembled his emblem, and ascended to Heaven. The other legendary Emperor, Huangdi's brother, Yandi was born by his mother's telepathy with a mythic dragon.

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength.