WAVES OF THE SEA - Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper) Lightly Marbled


A unique marbled Semi-Processed Single Shuen Paper(Xuan Paper) with a beautiful wave pattern in light cappuccino color. Its unique surface structure and color allow the creation of unique Kanji and Chinese calligraphy artworks or let artists include the paper structure into the composition of Sumi-e and Fine line artworks as background effect.

Paper Material: Shuen Paper
Processing Status: Semi-Sized
Usage: Calligraphy, Fineline, Sumi-e
Dimensions: 55.2 in x 28.0 in / 138.0 cm x 70.0 cm
Packaging: Folded
Decorative Elements: Light cappuccino colored marbled paper with darker wave patterns

Waves of the Sea is a semi-processed Xuan paper, meaning it has had the chemical alum applied to prevent water absorption. The amount of absorption is determined by how much alum is added, and this paper has an intermediate level of absorbency, which allows it to be perfect for calligraphy.

The one-ply Xuan paper also is particularly resilient, which lends it to be used in paintings, as well. But perhaps the most striking aspect of the paper is its surface.

Covered with a pattern that resembles the surface of a smooth marble or other smooth stone, Waves of the Sea has undergone a process known as marbling to achieve this look. Marbling was introduced by Su Yijian (957-995A.D.) who also worked with Wen Fang Si Pu, and has been consistently popular ever since. Many Sumi-e painters like to use marbled paper like this, as they find the pattern provides a unique and distinctive look to their work.