RED GOLDEN RAIN - Gold Speckled Shuen Decorative Paper

This decorative Unsized (Unprocessed) Single Shuen Paper is suitable for Kanji Shodo and Chinese Calligraphy Writing. The Shuen Paper is died in a strong vermillion red and decorated with Gold Speckles thus making it a beautiful paper to put your Oriental Calligraphy into the limelight.


Vermillion Red, gold speckled decorative Chinese Sumi Shuen Paper

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Dimension: 55.2 in x 28.0 in / 138.0 cm x 70.0 cm
Decorative elements: Vermillion-Red colored decorative paper with golden flakes
More information: This paper is specially good for kanji and Chinese calligraphy writing, you could also make couplet with it
Packaging: Folded


From the moment you see it, it is clear that the red Golden Rain is a special paper. The striking bright red color, which is embedded with golden flakes, makes for a stunning piece of paper that can be used to craft very distinctive and interesting works of art.

Adding more background story the loveliness and importance of this paper, the color red is extremely important to and integrated in many aspects of Chinese culture. Representing luck, joy, enthusiasm, passion and morale, the color appears in many aspects of Chinese life, including the Spring Festival when families welcome in the New Year. Part of the festivities for this occasion includes putting a bright red couplet on both sides of the doors to family homes to express best wishes for the upcoming year.

Red is used to celebrate other festivals throughout the year, as well, including the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhong Qiu Jie) when families gather to celebrate the years harvest and the Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao Jie), when the streets are filled with people attempting to solve riddles on the lanterns and before returning home to eat Yuanxiao with their families.

As you can see, red is the symbol of China. In addition to being used in festivals, it is the traditional dress color for brides, new horses are decorated in red and families decorate their houses in red when something positive occurs.

Because of all this, Chinese artists love red, as it reminds them of their motherland, as well as of the bright future ahead of them.

The Golden Rain, then, can be an excellent addition to your artist toolkit that you can take out whenever you want to use the red color to represent something positive that either has happened or, hopefully, will happen.

The paper itself is an unprocessed Xuan paper that is soft and absorbent, making it great for calligraphy and Sumi-e painting.