FLOWER MOON - Shikishi Board with Golden Flower Pattern

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Its frame featuring a frisky and romantic pattern of golden Chrysanthemum, this Shikishi Decorative Board (Boardbook) with Unsized (Unprocessed) Single Shuen Paper is suitable for Chinese and Shodo Calligraphy Writing and Sumi-e Painting.
Please note that the flower pattern surrounding the Shuen Paper varies from time to time and all of them are beautiful patterns.


Japanese Shikishi Board - unsized Shuen Paper for Calligraphy & Sumi

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Whole Board: 22.0 in x 19.6 in x 0.2 in / 50 cm x 50 cm x 0.2 cm
Inner Moon: Diameter: 16 in / 43 cm


The Flower Moon is a boardbook - also known as a shikishi board - that is often used as a decoration item with calligraphy scripts or paintings added to it. This item serves as the perfect decoration, as its already gorgeous frame of intricately ornamented flower patterns will complement the personalization you provide with your artwork. The green and gold border will complement nearly any color.

The inner layer of the board book is an unprocessed, unsized single-ply Xuan paper that is very absorbent. This makes the paper perfect for calligraphy or Sumi-e painting. Either will make a great addition to this board and a perfect decoration in your home.

If the paper in the board was processed had a chemical called alum added to it the absorbency would be decreased. Fortunately, for the size of this piece it will work well with calligraphy and Sumi-e painting, so the highly absorbent surface will work best.