Lulu's Water Paper Book-Kai Shu, Huang Zi Yuan

A Chinese Calligraphy Book for Huang Zi Yuan's Kai Shu Style. It is made of Water Paper for Endless Practice

Calligraphist: Zhao Mengfu
Style: Kai Shu
Edition Information: Chinese, 26 pages, 14.8 in x 10.4 in / 37.0 cm x 26.0 cm, softcover


Lulu’s Water Paper Book is a series of tools designed to help beginners and advanced artists alike learn and practice calligraphy. Each book features an ancient and famous note in a specific style for you to imitate that will allow you to easily and quickly learn calligraphy. Best of all, every book in this series is made of Magic Water Paper, which uses water instead of ink. The marks you make on this material will disappear about two minutes after you have drawn on it. At that point, you can start over again – it is endless practice. Furthermore, this product has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly!

This note was written by Huang Zi Yuan (1837 AD – 1980 AD), one of the Four Masters of Kai Shu Style. A true artist, his writings and poems are great treasures in Chinese literature, and he was also a master painter and carver. To top it off, he was a businessman, as well.

But his greatest strengths lie in calligraphy and painting, and he had great acheivements in all five calligraphy styles. He is most known for his work in Kai Shu and Xing Shu.