Bamboo Brush Wrap - Protective Brush Holder

Colorful handmade protective bamboo mat brush holder to store your favorite brushes in excellent condition due to its great ventilation characteristics. Just place your used and cleaned brushes on the mat and roll it up, then tie the cotton ribbon to keep the stored safely.

Please note that the color of the bamboo mat varies slightly from time to time.

Handmade bamboo mat to safely store sumi-e & calligraphy brushes

Dimension: 10.8 in x 11.9 in / 27.0 cm x 29.7 cm
Usage: To safely wrap and store small and medium-sized brushes

After you are finished using brushes, there are many options as to how to store and protect them until you are ready to use them again. One of the most effective and convenient ways to keep your brushes is to use a bamboo mat, which is a traditional method of storing brushes that will keep them from becoming contaminated or damaged by accident.

Made of a weave of bamboo, up to 15 brushes are placed in the center of the mat and then it is rolled up and tied with the string attached to the mat. This method protects brushes, because it prevents them from rubbing together, like they do when they are stored in boxes. But this is hardly the only advantage to bamboo mats.

While the preferred method is to allow brushes to dry before placing them in storage, we all know that this is not always possible, and often we have to pack up brushes and travel before they have time to properly dry. Since the bamboo mat is naturally ventilated, it makes a great solution for times like these. The ventilation will allow the brushes to dry while they are in storage and, because of this, also will prevent mold from forming on the brushes.

Additionally, since bamboo mats are a traditional method Chinese artists have been using to store and transport brushes since ancient times, you will give an antique Chinese cultural sense to your studio. When not in use, the bamboo mat can be hung on the wall as a wonderful decoration.

This particular bamboo mat has a natural, tan colored base and is accented by black, red and white patterns running throughout out the mat. The bamboo mat is one of the most practical accessories you can purchase for your art, and also will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your studio.