GOOSE EGG - Small Chinese She Yan Stone Ink Slab

Another ink stone of our series of traditional purist-shaped Chinese ink slabs for smaller ink sticks. This Chinese She Yan (歙砚) stones has a naturally coarse surface so the coarseness does not need to be added artificially. The grinding surface has a little deepening allowing the ink to float into one direction. Its shape reminded us of a goose-egg which made us choose this name.


Chinese Ink Slab / Ink Stone for grinding Oriental Ink Sticks

Decorative elements: none - purist hand-flattering shape
Dimension: L 3.5 in x W 2.5 in x 1.6 in / L 9 cm x W 6 cm x H 4 cm
Usage: to grind ink for Oriental painting                                                                        More Info: Made of Chinese She Yan (歙砚) stone: Weight 0.6 pound / 260 grams (each)


Whereas some ink sticks come in fancy shapes and patterns with intricately chiseled patterns we realized that a lot of local brush painting and calligraphy masters prefer to work with simple traditional tools which often come in very purist organic shapes but where the simple materials feels good to the eye and to the touch. This could be due to Buddhist and Taoist influence on traditional Chinese painting where it was desired to get to the core of things and get rid of all super superfluity and pomp.