Uncle Liu

Uncle Liu China
The first time I saw Uncle Liu was about 3 years ago when I was still in university. My mom May took me to this calligraphist friend of hers and we met Uncle Liu around the corner of that neighborhood with a small desk, a chair and a lot of seal stones on the desk. He was carving a Panda for a girl and some kids gathered around watching him curiously.

We became friends after that and I visit him a lot. He is warm-hearted, hard-working and very grateful for life.

Uncle Liu learned how to do seal carving on his own. When he was young he would pick up stones in the street and carve it with a pencil knife. His effort paid off when he was laid off several years ago. By then he thought that if he had been always so interested in seal carving, why not do it seriously. That was when he started to do seal carving for a living.

Most of the carving he has done is for names and moods. Apart from that he also does a lot of object and zodiac carving. I love his Dragon very much.

Uncle Liu is now working with me closely. Any seal carving service that you order with me will be done by him.