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"Yi De Ge"- Liquid Chinese Calligraphy & Sumi Ink (Large)

Article: ILI004-L

Pure Black Oriental Liquid Ink for Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting

Yi De Ge Ink is the signature ink made by the Beijing Yi De Ge Ink Corporation, which is one of the best and most well-known ink producers in China. The ink itself is very condensed, very shiny and is also extremely fragrant. What makes it so popular, in addition to its sought after color, is the fact that once it is on paper, it is extremely permanent and can last for centuries. It is great for calligraphy writing as well as both Sumi and Fineline painting.

Read the detail description to find out about the history and development of this ink.

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Volume: 8.5 oz / 250 ml

Colors: Black

Usage: oriental brush painting and calligraphy

Packaging: Plastic bottle with outer cardboard packaging

This ink is believed to be the first liquid ink developed, and has a very interesting origin story. Back in 1865, a scholar by the name of Xie Songdai traveled to Beijing (then called Jing Cheng) to attend the National Examination, but ended up failing. Staying in Beijing, he began to ponder how impractical ink sticks were, which the only kind of ink available were at the time. Since you had to grind them for nearly half an hour before use, he decided to invent a liquid ink.

After much trial and error, he finally came up with a liquid ink that worked as effectively as ink sticks. The ink uses Sichuan high color black, bone glue, boreal, muskiness and phenol as its ingredients, with each serving a specific purpose. The Sichuan high color black gives the ink its jet black color, the bone glue keeps the ink from being absorbed through the paper, the next two ingredients give the ink its special aroma while the phenol works as a preservative.

Ink from the Beijing based Yi De Ge Ink factory producing this type of black Chinese sumi and calligraphy ink for nearly 150 years. Plastic bottle in cardboard outer pack.

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