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"Wintersweet" Special Hand Carved Wooden Handle Goat Hair Brush

Article: BSI099
An excellent brush made of Goat Hair with a Large Tip & a hand carved wooden handle for Calligraphy Writing and Sumi-e Painting

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Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair

Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair

Tip Resilience: Soft

Tip Dimensions: 2.3 in x 0.5 in / 7.8 cm x 1.8 cm

Total Length: 10.1 in / 34.8 cm

Material Handle: Wood

Decorative Elements: Hand Carved Handle

Usage: Calligraphy Writing, especially for Cao Shu and Xing Shu script styles

More Info: The tip of this brush is made of Goat Hair

Just an initial glance at the "Wintersweet" will show you that this brush is one-of-a-kind. First of all, the lovely handle is hand carved, beautiful wintersweet landscape piece.

But the brush is where the real story begins. Made entirely of goat hair, it is in the soft hair brush family and has both the excellent resilience and specialized elasticity for which goat hair has come to be known.

All of these aspects add up to make the "Wintersweet" the perfect tool for larger script calligraphy, particularly for Cao Shu and Xing Shu script styles. Additionally, the brush will work well for sumi-e painting.

Hand carved wintersweet handle with goat hair   brush for asian brush painting.