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"May’s Painting Cards" - Wisteria and other vine plants 7/12

Article: LPA035
This card deck is dedicated to vine plants in all their forms - flower and fruit. Chinese Wisteria, Morning Glory, Trumpet Creeper, Grape, Towel Gourd and Calabash. This edition is instructional and illustrational at the same time allowing you to get inspired and acquire new techniques.

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Style: Sumi-e

Main Content: Chinese Wisteria, Morning Glory, Trumpet Creeper, Grape, Towel Gourd, Calabash

Edition Information: Chinese, 24 individual pages, 11.4 in x 11.4 in / 28.5 cm x 28.5 cm, softcover

This edition of the popular Mays Painting Card series is all about vines. However nondescript they often might be outside their blossoming and fruiting times once reached, these magnificent and mysterious plants endow us with some of the most beautiful flowers and the most imposing fruits in the plant kingdom.

No wonder the publisher dedicated an entire edition to this plant genre and no wonder, this class has been revered by Asian brush painters for centuries.

We are happy we can now share this deck of instructional painting cards with you and we are sure that once you start working with this deck you will soon create brush painting masterpieces that decorate your walls like the vine flowers often overflow walls in explosions of color and opulence.

mays painting cards of wisteria and other wine plants is a well designed and fun instruction book for sumi painting