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“San Zi Jing/Three Character Classic”-Wooden Paper Weights

Article: AWP062

This set of wooden paper weights connects you with the classic Chinese literati tradition since the carving on top of them is a classic Confucian text from Song Dynasty. A part from evoking Chinese traditions, these paper weights well serve their purpose of helping you to write and paint on smoothened paper without wrinkles.


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Dimensions: L 12 in x W 1.8 in x H 1.2 in / L 30 cm x W 4.5 cm x H 3 cm

Usage: to flatten paper when writing calligraphy or brush painting

Decorative Elements: classic Chinese text in Xing Shu script

More Info: Made of Chinese Black Catalpa Wood (黑梓木); Weight 0.9 pound / 400 grams (each)

For those who want to know more, the text carved into the surface of these paper weights is said to come from Wang Yinling or Ou Shizi – like many classic Chinese texts which have been cited and reproduced many times over the century it is difficult to clearly attribute it to one scholar with 100% certainty. What we are sure about though is that it is carved in Xing Shu text and represents a Confucian text which was helpful to educate young children even before they could read or write, due to it being written in short three character verses allowing it to be easily remembered and recited. For those eager to know more about this text you can read it in detail here

Set of dark catalpa wood Oriental paper weights for flattening sumi and calligraphy painting, decorated with Chinese hand carved ornaments and a carved calligraphy characters of classic texts