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Ten Tricks in Chinese Sumi-e Painting - Plum Blossom

Article: LPA043
Highway to Chinese Painting - Learn the Essential Techniques

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Style: Sumi-e

Main Content: Plum Blossom

Edition Information: Chinese, 48 pages, 8.4 in x 11.4 in / 21.0 cm x 28.5 cm, softcover

Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting is a series of books that teaches the essential techniques of Sumi-e. Each book focuses on a different subject, all of which are common in Chinese art and will serve as a good basis for anyone interested in learning to how to make exquisite Chinese brush paintings.

Since it is one of the revered Four Gentlemen, the Plum Blossom is one of the most revered flowers in Chinese art, as well as in Chinese culture, in general. Therefore, it has been found in many Chinese paintings since ancient times.

The Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting – Plum Blossom book is divided into five parts to help you master this traditional bloom:

General Introduction – This is a introduction to Plum Blossom brush painting, as well as an informative introduction to brush painting in general.

How to Draw a Plum – Basic techniques for drawing a plum will be included in this section, and explored in intricate detail.

Ten Tricks to Draw a Plum – Since the plum blossom is an intricate flower, these ten tricks will help you master the art of drawing it.

Combinations of Plum and Other Objects – This will include descriptions of how to draw other objects often seen in paintings of plum blossoms, like the branches

Example Plum Blossom Paintings – These examples, by master artists, will serve not only as examples, but also inspiration for your future artwork.

All the information in the book is presented in a very colorful and easy to use manner, making the books enjoyable as well as informative. While great for beginners, the books also will serve to help more advanced artists refine their current painting knowledge.

ten tricks in chinese painting is a book series with easy and understandable tricks for beginners to learn sumi chinese brush painting