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“Shutan” – (书摊) Chinese Foldable Learning Material Rack

Article: AWP060

Beautifully crafted wooden Chinese book stand which can be folded for easy storage. This rack allows to to place your learning material – be it books or painting cards – upright in front of you allowing you to better concentrate of the creation of your Calligraphy writing or Sumi painting. The entire stand is hand-carved and its upper bar decorated with traditional Chinese ornaments.


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  • 90 Days Return Policy
  • Handmade Quality Brands
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Dimensions: Unfolded - W 16 in x H 8 in x D 9 in / W 40 cm x H 20 cm x D 22 cm Supporting Surface: W 16 in x H 12 in / W 40 cm x H 30 cm

Usage: to position learning material – books or painting cards

Decorative Elements: Dragon Hand Carvings

More Info: Made of Qing Tan Tree Wood

The right posture is often determining the outcome of your artwork when creating Oriental – i.e. Chinese or Japanese art. Being able to position your source of inspiration in an upright position right in front of you – regardless if it is another painting, a book or some painting cards – will help you improve your body posture allowing you to better focus on the way you hold your brush and execute your brush strokes. This is one of the more moderately priced brush racks we carry for our customers but a model we like because of its simplicity. Our clients often buy it in a bundle with May’s Painting Cards when practicing Ink and Wash Painting.

Foldable Chinese book stand for positioning sumi painting books and calligraphy learning material made of wood and hand carved with dragons