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"Passing Cloud Running Water"- (行云流水) practice shuen paper

Article: PRP013

Excellent practice rice shuen paper which we recommend to beginners due to the fact that this paper is processed and the bleed therefore very easy to control.
For the same reason this is a widely used paper for fineline and gongbi painting. This paper is a paper coming from Anui province - the cradle of all famed hand made Chinese shuen and rice papers. Even though more moderately priced, this practice paper is also hand made according to century old paper making techniques resulting in it being a great art material.
Compared to processed or semi-processed papers, this one is very light and smooth on its surface.


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Paper Material: Shuen Paper

Dimensions: L 28 in x W 14 in / L 70 cm x W 35 cm

Packaging: folded to batch with 2 folds and 100 individual sheets

Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e, Fineline, Gongbi painting

Traditional Chinese practice paper for sumi painting and for Chinese or Japanese calligraphy. Since it is unsized it is also a common practice paper used by Chinese gongbi and fineline painters.

Like most quality shuen papers the Passing Cloud Running Water is also manufactured in a a long and elaborate process in an old paper mill in Jingxian county in Anhui.

In order to be able to carry a paper that has similar characteristics as the well known papers coming from the famous Red Star paper mill we were looking around for smaller and less known paper mills that do not have a famous brand name but who apply the same techniques to create great papers with all characteristics that make Chinese painting paper sought after world wide.

Each batch contains hundred sheets.

Anhui-made sized Chinese shuen or rice paper folded in a batch of hundred individual sheets with two folds - used for sumi painting or writing shodo calligraphy