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May’s Water Paper Book-Xing Shu, Wang Xizhi A

Article: LCA012
Chinese Calligraphy Book to practice Wang Xizhi's Xing Shu calligraphy Style. Like all books in the May"s Water Paper book series, this book is made of special paper which allows to practice the same strokes over and over again - imitating Wang's unqiue style. This book teaches the script style Wang used in his most famous writing - the Preface of the Orchid Pavillion Poem Collection (兰亭序 or Lanting Xu in Chinese).

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Calligraphist: Wang Xizhi

Style: Xing Shu

Edition Information: Chinese, 33 pages, 10.4 in x 7.6 in / 26.0 cm x 19.0 cm, softcover

The Orchid Pavillion was written by Wang Xizhi, who is known as “The Sacred Calligraphist” (Shu Sheng) in China. Famous for Running Script (Xing Shu), he developed his calligraphy from the time he was a teanager when he often would wash his brushes in a pond in his garden. He practiced so much that the pond would soon become black because of all the washed ink. This was later known as the Washing Ink Pond, and became a tourist attraction in Linchuan.

The Orchid Pavillion is the most well-known Chinese Xing Shu script, and was written while Wang was drinking with friends in the Orchid Pavilion. With everyone present enjoying good wine and delicious food in the beautiful scenery, Wang composed the gorgeous poem on the spot.

this book of wang xizhi's hand writing in xingshu style is fluent, bouncy and energetic