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Liquid Ink

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Liquid inks are a more modern type of inks for Chinese and Japanese brush painting and calligraphy. There are good quality inks but still, purists claim that their quality and characteristics still cannot rival the one of traditionally used ink sticks. Apart from the ink quality itself, traditionalists among calligraphers and sumi painters claim that a fundamental part of East Asian painting and calligraphy is the process of preparing the ink by grinding an ink stick against an ink stick. This procedure is said to help focus and calm providing the artist with the necessary mindset to work on an artwork.

We still added several brands of Chinese liquid inks which can be used not only for Chinese but also for Japanese Kanji and Shodo calligraphy as well as for Sumi, Gongbi and Fineline painting. Having liquid ink ready makes it easier to have your ink ready especially when you just want to practice your strokes, characters or special sumi practices instead of having to ready the Chinese ink throught the elaborate traditional process.
The other reason why we decided to add liquid ink is the fact that you have more options of colorful Chinese ink among liquid inks. Liquid inks such as golden ink, red cinnabar ink or white ink allow for beautiful contrasts and effects when creating artworks not on the traditionally white rice paper but on one of the many colored art papers which we carry. We think that we should learn and find inspiration from the traditional schools of calligraphy and sumi but not limit ourselves to just creating artworks the way they have been created in China and Japan traditionally but also be open to experiment and rejuvenate these classic East-Asian art forms.

As for all our other products, should you be looking for special type of ink which you cannot find in our store, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will locate it for you and add it to our product portfolio.