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"Huangshan" - Semi processed practice shuen paper

Article: PRP010

Original Chinese shuen paper - often referred to as rice-paper - in a mid quality and semi-processed which makes it a very good choice for beginners in sumi painting and for those artists requiring a moderately priced paper to practice their writing or painting skills. As the more highly prices papers we carry, this paper is also hand made in Anhui's Jingxian (泾县) county where all high-quality Chinese shuen paper comes from.


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Paper Material: Shuen Paper

Processing Status: Semi-Sized

Dimensions: L 28 in x W 14 in / L 70 cm x W 35 cm

Packaging: folded to batch with 2 folds and 100 individual sheets

Usage: practice paper for sumi painting and calligraphy

Hand-selected batch of rice or xuan paper which we added to our stock as an addition to our large selection of top-end papers due to many client requests we got.

This brand of rice paper is being produced in the same century-old techniques as our more expensive papers but from a less famous paper mill which allows us to carry a shuen paper in a lower price range but with similar characteristics to the its more costly "brothers".

This Chinese paper is semi processed which makes it easier to control the bleed in your strokes and therefore it is easier to handle for also for beginners or artists with an intermediate level in sumi painting or shodo calligraphy.

Folded batch of hundred sheets of traditional Chinese rice xuan paper in semi processed state for practicing sumi or calligraphy