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  • Back Orders & Pre Orders


    We keep all of our products in stock. However, should an item you ordered be out of stock at a given time you will be immediately advised on potential delays via email. We never charge for items we are unable to ship.


    We accept preorders for brand new releases. They will be shipped as soon as stock arrives. Shipping charges will be at normal rates.


  • Order Validity


    We can only validate orders that have been submitted via our Shopping Cart system. Orders sent via email cannot be processed by our sales department unless otherwise agreed on in written or via email confirmation.

  • Why do you need my phone number when I place the order?


    The courier services we ship your products with require that. They need to contact the recipient via phone prior to the delivery in case no one is at home. If they try to deliver several times without anyone being at home they eventually have to ship the product back. Providing a phone number helps us avoiding that.

  • How to Order


    Adding a Product to the Shopping Cart

    • Choose the product you want to buy by clicking the “Add to Cart” button
    • For products with multiple versions in terms of size, weight or color, you need to add the desired products one after the other
    • For ordering several products with the same specification in terms of size, weight or color, you can indicate the required product quantity by choosing it via the quantity dropdown


    The Shopping Cart Dropdown

    Within the shopping cart popup you can edit the products again which you previously added to the cart. You can remove products or change quantities.

    • Modify Products
      • If you want to cancel an order just press the “Remove” button in your cart
      • If you want to change the quantity of a product just update it in the respective field
    • Moving out of the Shopping Cart and continue shopping
      • You can resume shopping by moving the curser out of the popup area upon which the popup will close
    • Moving out of the Shopping Cart and Checkout
      • To finalize your purchase you click the “Checkout” button which will lead you to checkout page


    Shopping Cart Review Page

    On the cart review page you have a bigger screen on which you can edit the products in your cart. You can remove products or change quantities as before in the Shopping Cart popup.

    If you want to proceed with the checkout just click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

    If you want to continue shopping after having checked the cart content just press the “Continue Shopping” button.


    Submitting an order

    After entering your personal information and choosing the required shipping service you need to click on the “Submit Order” button for us to proceed your order and payment.


    Order Status Information

    You should then receive an order confirmation via email immediately.


    Payment and Shipping Status Information

    Once your payment has been approved, we will send out your order and inform you on the shipping status of your order as well as provide you with a shipment tracking information via email.