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"Flaming Phoenix" - chicken feather sumi & calligraphy brush

Article: BSI082

An excellent brush made of Chicken Feather with a Long Tip for Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting

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Tip Hair Material: Other Hair

Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair

Tip Resilience: Soft

Tip Dimensions: 2.3 in x 0.8 in / 7.8 cm x 2.5 cm

Total Length: 10.2 in / 34.3 cm

Material Handle: Bamboo

Usage: Calligraphy Writing and Painting

More Info: The tip of this brush is made of Chicken Feather

The phoenix has long been considered divine in Chinese culture. In ancient times, the phoenix was the sign of the Queen, while the dragon was the sign of a king. Fittingly, the phoenix represents nobility and virtue.

The Flaming Phoenix, then, is a very special brush. Made entirely of chicken feathers, the brush produces distinctive art unlike any other brush type. Whether working in calligraphy, sumi-e or fineline painting, this brush can provide unique special effects that no other brush can replicate.

Some artists also use the brush exclusively for calligraphy, thereby producing a one-of-a-kind script look that cannot be replicated. The Flaming Phoenix is recommended for any artist who wants to expand his or her boundaries.

Carved onto the handle are the characters Feng Wei Shu Hua, which translate from Chinese to Flaming Phoenix. The handle is made of an exquisite bamboo, whose beauty nicely complements the brush's mixture of red and white.

Traditional Chinese chicken feather brush for Kanji Calligraphy