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Carving Tools & Accessories

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This section is dedicated to tools and accessories related to and used for the traditional art of Chinese seal carving.

On one hand there are the tools which are required to carve a Chinese seal stone by yourself. Some of them we think you do not need to purchase from us since it would be easier and cheaper to purvey you with them in one of your local Do-it-Yourself markets. These are the sand paper on one hand which is used to level off or trim the surface of the stone base once the carving is applied. In case the base of the seal stone was not entirely flat before the carving pattern was applied the result could be that certain characters or symbols are standing out leading to the chop impression not being even. In such a situation you flatten this character or symbol on the seal stone by means of the sand paper. The other one is a permanent marker which you can use to sketch your carving design on the surface of the stone before moving ahead with the process of carving your stone.

Then there are two more tools which you need. One being the carving stand - it is a kind of wooden apparatus with a bar clamp which normally comes in round or square shape allowing you to affix the stone so it does not move or slip while you are carving it. The other tool needed is one or a set of carving knives (most carvers do all the carvings with one and the same carving knife so one should suffice).

When it comes to accessories you will soon be able to find a wide range of seal paste containers and traditional Chinese seal pastes in different colors ranging from blue to different shades of red. These seal pastes are made of different components - mostly natural colors - the most famous one presumably being red Chinese seal paste made of Cinnabar.

The Chinese seal paste containers are used to store the seal paste safely and prevent it from drying out. At the same time they have a decorative value and are a nice Chinese-inspired object in your study. Chinese seal paste containers are traditionally made of ceramic, stone and in some cases hand carved wood with hand carved decorative ornaments and traditional Chinese patterns.