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“Spinning wheels” – Baboo Made Oriental Brush Hanger / Rack

Article: AWP055

Big and solid Chinese bamboo brush hanger to protect your brushes and keep them handy. This brush hanger is very sturdy and can also hang bigger and heavier brushes.

This brush hanger is very special, it doesn't take much of space of your desk. You can spin the wheels on top to pick the brush you want to use. It got 11 hangers! Easy to put together!


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Dimensions: H 17 in x W 5 in x D 5 in / H 43 cm x W 13 cm x D 13 cm

Usage: to hang brushes for storage

There are different ways of storing brushes – you can roll them in a bamboo wrap, you can place them in a brush stand and you can hang them on a brush rack. Hanging them on a brush rack is the preferred option of the three. If the moist brush is stored upside down the bristles of the brush might lose their shape – when stored with the bristles hanging down, the excess moisture can easily drop of with the brush tip keeping its perfect shape. Thus, this storage option is the best approach to prolong the lifespan of your calligraphy and sumi brushes.

Chinese & Japanese traditional painting brush   hanger made with Bamboo with 2 wheels.