Chinese Calligraphy Artworks and Masters – Li Si (李斯 / Li Ssu): Minister of Qin


A Brief Biography of Li Si (李斯/Li Ssu)

In the history of the Chinese written language, few individuals have had as deep or lasting impact as Li Si. While it is unknown exactly when he was born, Li Si would, at a remarkably young age, become a figure central to the chaotic era that saw the first unification of China. Receiving instruction from the great Confucian philosopher Xun Zi (荀子/Hsun Tsu), Li Si moved to the state of Qin and was accepted as a counsellor of King Zheng (glossary: Qin Shi Huang) who would go on to conquer the other Chinese states and become the first Emperor.

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History of Chinese Calligraphy – The Origins of Calligraphy in Ancient China: The Unification of China and a Common Script in Qin Dynasty (秦朝/Qin Chao, Ch’in ch’ao)


The Qin Dynasty (秦朝/Qin Chao, Ch’in Ch’ao)

In 221 BCE, the state of Qin  finally conquered the remaining states that had made up the Warring States and proclaimed the formation of a new dynasty under a centralized government. This essentially began the Imperial period of Chinese history, with the first Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di (秦始皇帝/Ch’in Shih Huang Di) effectively controlling the entirety of China.

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