Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Technique and Learning – An Introduction to the Basic Strokes


Creating Outlines (描/miao) in Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Painting

Chinese artists and connoisseurs have developed a broad range of terms describing the manifold ways in which a brushline can be executed. A lot of these terms have their origin in figure painting, when appropriate descriptions for the depiction of, for example, a gentlemen’s robe were needed. A few of the most important techniques shall be shown and explained here.

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Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Technique and Learning – The Use of Ink


How to Control the Ink Tone in Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Painting?

An ink and wash painting does not only consist of outlines and texture strokes. A main aesthetic element in ink and wash painting is the importance of the ink tone and the different shades of ink that can be depicted within one brush stroke. The ink Tone can be controlled through filling the brush, the angle of the brush, as well as pressure and speed used during painting.

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