Chinese Calligraphy Technique and Learning: An Introduction to the Basic Brush Strokes


An Introduction to Chinese Characters

It is very easy for the novice Calligrapher, especially if they are unfamiliar with Chinese Characters, to be daunted by the complexity of Characters. It is heartening to learn, however, that Chinese Characters all rely on a very limited set of strokes, or brush movements. In fact, there are only eight basic strokes from which the astounding variety of Characters is made up. Focusing on these strokes will give the beginner a good basic understanding of the building blocks of all characters. Once you are familiar with them, and with Stroke Order, you should be able to figure out how to correctly and beautifully write just about any character you can find.

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Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Technique and Learning – An Introduction to the Basic Strokes


Creating Outlines (描/miao) in Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Painting

Chinese artists and connoisseurs have developed a broad range of terms describing the manifold ways in which a brushline can be executed. A lot of these terms have their origin in figure painting, when appropriate descriptions for the depiction of, for example, a gentlemen’s robe were needed. A few of the most important techniques shall be shown and explained here.

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