Chinese Calligraphy Artworks and Masters – The Modern Calligraphers Gu Gan (古干/Gu gan) and Xu Bing (徐冰/Hsü Bing)


Gu Gan (古干/Gu gan): Toward a New Calligraphy

Gu Gan, born Zhang Shiqiang, was born in 1942. Studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Gu Gan soon positioned himself at the forefront of the avant-garde calligraphy movement, culminating in his participation in the first major exhibition of Modern Chinese Calligraphy. The exhibition was a surprising development in 1985: few would have expected that the Chinese authorities would have allowed such a controversial show to be mounted at the Beijing China Art Gallery. Nevertheless, by the end of the show, it was clear that Modernism had arrived in the Chinese art scene, and calligraphy would be the site of its most immediate impact.

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